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Should I wait to buy a share in a vacation property?

It's the age old question, is now the right time to buy a second home property or will prices go lower? While we cannot predict the future, here's what the data tells us: 1. on a national basis, inventory of available homes is down significantly (in other words there is more demand than supply of homes) 2. low inventory typically translates to home prices increasing which in fact is what nation-wide data shows and 3. lower mortgage rates typically will bring more buyers into the market likely resulting in more pressure added on the already low inventory of available homes for sale. Thus, one could easily argue that the longer one waits to buy their dream vacation home, the higher price they may pay. As always, please contact GRAATIFY if we can assist you in helping you to make a decision on co-owning a luxury vacation property. RELAX, ENJOY, GRAATIFY!

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