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At GRAATIFY we're committed to providing you an exceptional experience. We tailor the selection of your dream vacation property to match your personal requirements and to exceed your expectations.  

Understanding costs related to luxury home co-ownership

The most basic question we're asked is "how much will this cost me?" so let us explain the three main areas of expenses which are detailed below:

  • Share price (this is a one-time cost related to asset acquisition, any required improvements, updating of home furnishings, closing costs, LLC legal costs, our administrative services fee and of course the price of the actual property divided by the number of ownership shares).

  • Monthly owner expense (this is the monthly cost you will pay for your share of utilities, taxes, insurance, property management, maintenance, cleaning and reserves).

  • Management fee (this fee is paid monthly to GRAATIFY and covers a range of services including properly maintaining the LLC, managing the monthly owner expenses and taxes, providing dedicated 24/7 owner support and developing new value-add owner services).

luxury log home interior

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